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CompleteMe, a Social Development Network (SDN) accredited dating agency, started with a simple desire to connect with people with similar interests.

Michelle Goh (founder of CompleteMe)

Michelle Goh (founder of CompleteMe)

Back in 2007, Michelle Goh (founder of CompleteMe) was single herself, and decided to create a Facebook group, Singapore Facebook Singles, for like-minded singles. Membership and activity in the group skyrocketed overnight, one thing led to another, and Michelle found herself organising events for the group.

Her meticulous planning and friendly manners made her events increasingly popular. Word of mouth spread and the Facebook group grew. Today (as of March 2014), there are more than 2,500 members in the group.

In 2010, Michelle found the love of her life. Now that she was happily married, Michelle was ready to close down the group. But there were still many single members – a few thousands of them in fact – who had yet to complete their lives with a partner. Members of the group flooded her with pleas via calls and SMS, and managed to persuade her to continue organising events.

After the birth of her first child in 2012, Michelle set up CompleteMe dating agency when she realised how instrumental her events had been in helping singles find their happiness. Now, CompleteMe specialises in 1-to-1 rotation speed dating events at romantic dining venues, as such events have proven to be more effective at bringing couples together.

Within a year of turning CompleteMe into a full-time business, Michelle organised the Largest Gokon Gathering on 14 December 2013. This event created a record in the Singapore Book of Records and generated media interest. Gokon is a Japanese concept, where singles bring their single friends along for a group date – and it was a roaring success!

Through her events, Michelle has helped at least three couples complete themselves with marriage.

CompleteMe provides the following services:

  • a. Dating Events, e.g. Speed Dating over Lunch/ Tea/ Dinner/ Drinks and Parties
  • b. Dating Workshops
  • c. Self-improvement Workshops on topics such as Body Language, Communication, Makeup, Skincare
  • d. Fashion Speed Dating
  • e. Personal consultation on dating issues
  • f. Personal shopper
  • g. Personal Profile Dating

Our Resident Dating Guru

Michelle Goh is the founder of CompleteMe dating agency and the Singapore Facebook Singles group.

A Social Development Network (SDN) accredited dating practitioner and experienced dating coach, Michelle has organised more than 130 dating events since 2007. She knows of at least three couples who got to know each other at her events and who are well on the way to matrimonial bliss.

She is also a certified dating and relationship coach. As a dating coach, she has also helped put more than 300 singles on the path to happiness by boosting their self-confidence and answering their dating and relationship queries. Michelle graduated from the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Business Administration. She is happily married and has one son.

Michelle has been invited to share her insights on dating on The Straits Times, Today, My Paper, Channel News Asia, Newsradio 938, Her World, Nuyou and L’Officiel. She has also appeared on online TV channels such as ClickNetwork and Happy-TV. Extending her reach beyond Singapore’s shores, Michelle has also been interviewed by overseas media such as Japan’s national broadcasting cooperation Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) and German wire service Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA).


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