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  • Name : CompleteMe
  • Category : Love Stories
  • Date : 11.04.2014


A classic case of only needing Lady Luck to offer the right opportunity – Jake and Cong Ying attended “Tea @ Food for Thought” at Botanic Gardens on 19 January 2013. Ten days later, they were an official couple!

Michelle likes to tease that they only let her earn their money once because that was the first time either of them had attended a CompleteMe event, but of course she’d be happy to have more couples find the love of their lives that quickly! In fact, they were very lucky indeed to have found each other – it was Jake’s first time attending a dating event, after some nudging from a colleague, and Cong Ying had almost given up hope after having gone for several dating events by other organisers over the years. By then, she had already met at least 200 men and was ready to swear off dating events – lucky for Jake, she decided to give dating one more try. The last we heard, marriage is definitely on the cards!

Love Bytes:

“Guys need to take initiative to approach the ladies. Don’t be disheartened when they reject you.” – Jake
“Believe that miracles can happen! You may not believe you will meet the right one until it really happens, but you only need it to happen once, so don’t give up!” – Cong Ying

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