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Personal Profile Dating is CompleteMe’s other service, this is commonly known as personal matching. Be a registered member of CompleteMe for two years with a one-time registration fee of $88.

CompleteMe will focus on the top 3 traits you are seeking in a partner to select a suitable match. Select the top 3 traits that you look for in a partner from 11 different traits such as age, ethnicity, height/weight, religion, education level, language, level of job and income.

When contacted with suitable matches, you can choose to accept the date at $99/pax inclusive of a meal. The date will be a 1-to-1 lunch / dinner date on a weekday / weekend at a nice ambience restaurant, specially picked by CompleteMe. There will no “facilitation”, it will be like a normal date, whereby the reservation is booked under CompleteMe.

No expensive packages involved! Very affordable pricing!

To find out more, drop us an email at