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As a dating events organiser:

It was a pleasure working with Michelle from CompleteMe for our Valentine’s Day Singles Mixer! The service rendered from start to finish was timely, professional and reliable.


She delivered an evening of fun and entertainment for coy singles and the games conducted were interesting allowing the participants to get to know each other more. Overall, it was successful event which resulted in two mutual matches!

Ms Francis Sharon, NTU Alumni Club


My first ever speed dating experience was with Complete Me and to be honest I thought myself quite crazy for a while to have signed up for what was essentially a match-making session. I had no idea what to expect and I was pretty much bursting with apprehension on the day of the event but the awesome service and smooth execution of the event made it a great experience for me overall.


The first thing I thought when I stepped into the restaurant was that it had great ambience – all romantic and dreamy with elegant decorations. And I also really liked that it was roomy with enough space between tables for private conversation to take place comfortably.


The execution of the event went really smoothly as well. The instructions given before and after the event were clear and concise (no long-winded speeches) and the rotations were done very courteously with lots of smiles. Michelle and her helpers were very attentive and would come to the tables and help to shift plates of unfinished food and drinks to the next table to facilitate the rotations.


Another thing that deserves mention is the speed at which I was informed about my mutual matches. It was super fast; barely 3 hours after the event ended (and that was at about 10pm!), I received an SMS informing me of my mutual matches. The efficiency in this aspect was really impressive and I think it would surely be appreciated by most people as it helps to cut down on a lot of nerve-wracking suspense over the mutual matches.


All in all, I think the best part of my experience with Complete Me was the warm and attentive service provided by Michelle and her helpers which helped to make me feel at ease. Michelle is a very charming and efficient host and I would highly recommend Complete Me to anyone who’s looking for an awesome speed dating experience 🙂

Miss L


Have attended a number of Complete Me’s dining events & can truly feel Michelle’s passion & sincerity in helping singles to find a partner. Her events are held @ accessible yet exclusive venues with good ambiance. Her service is above the rest as she is very clear in her email to participants, she ensures gender balance & complete rotation & promptly informs of any mutual matches. Like the mutual matches format which serves well to facilitate any follow ups. Even I have yet to find the one @ Complete Me’s events, I will strongly recommend her events to other singles. I look forward to more & better events from Complete Me. Thank you Michelle!

Miss M


I wish I could give a testimonial of “All thanks to CompleteMe that I found my other half!” Too bad, this has not happened … yet. Nonetheless, I would still like to commend and recommend CompleteMe. The founder/organizer, Michelle, is warm and friendly who puts me at ease. She serves with her heart and designs her events, with the participants’ needs in mind. Her events are always gender-ratio balanced and excellently organized. There is transparency and sincerity. That is why I am a returning participant to many of her events.”


Thanks for everything!

Miss C



As a dating coach:

During June 2013, I was looking at SDN website for some event or some workshop which is interesting to enrol. And what caught my eyes was the brief introduction about this workshop, “DATING WORKSHOP FOR LADIES” by CompleteMe.


I was wondering why I am still dateless despite I am losing weight and I usually doll up wherever I go. So I decided to sign up and find out what is wrong with me.


I received an email from Michelle about the event and we are supposed to dress up like we are heading for our first date. Seriously, I never thought going for such workshop I still need to crack my brain and think of what to wear. So I decided that I should wear my best black dress. However during the event, Michelle gave us tips that going for event we should try not to wear black. As black is a safe colour and it will usually blend in well with the crowd therefore we may not get people to notice us. I also learned that what kind of introduction will make people remember you well during speed dating which I really put them into good use now.


Though I enjoy the session but I did not sign up immediately with Michelle as I still having doubt on it. Will it really works? And how will Michelle help me? Later on, I realise that a few of the events and workshop which CompleteMe had offered look quite interesting and I seriously wanted to find out even more why am I still dateless. So I decided to give it a try and sign up the “A New Me” program.


I went for the personal coaching with Michelle and she reviewed my strength and weakness. I am quite tall built so when Michelle tell me I still need to be in heels as it will make my posture look better. I remember very well what I told her, “Michelle, I am already so tall and if I wear heels, won’t the guys get put off by me?” But Michelle told me that I need to be comfortable for whom I am and is confidence about myself.  I am also quite demure and I do not feel ease to talk to strangers especially to guys due to my female working environment. Hence, Michelle also encourages me to attend more events so as to build up my communication skill.


After the session, I pondered on what Michelle shared and ask myself, “So what do I want? To step out from my comfort zone or just remain the same?” So I decided to change my perspective and the first thing I did was shopping for nice clothing and I bought myself a very first pair of 2 inch heels.  I also realise that rather than thinking that my height is a flaw why not make it as strength instead.


I also started to join more events to build up my communication skills. During very first event, I was actually having butterflies in my stomach. And when I talk to guys, I do not have good eye contacts as I do not feel at ease. But like people say practice make prefect so I went for about 2 more events , for each event I put in more effort in my dressing and I tried to enhance my communication skill. During the 3rd and 4th event, there are guys who started to notice me and there is at least one guy from each of the event who had asked me for my contact during our speed dating rotation. And during my latest event, I had two guys asking for my contacts! Now I finally appreciate why Michelle asked me to go for more events as I saw them as my opportunities which let me learn new things from people I met and also to build up my confidence level too.


I also input more time in my skincare and workout routines as I believe no one is ugly but is how much effort we want to put into ourselves. I can say I am really a NEW ME now, I do have friends who told me that they like the current me as I am someone who is more confidence.


Lastly, Michelle or anyone can tell me what I need to change and how to change but it was ME who can change ME and not anyone. To all the beautiful ladies, because I have been through the journey therefore I can understand the road ahead to change is not easy and seriously tiring but if you do not change your mindset and step out from your comfort zone how can you discover how much potential you actually have!

Ms A


At about February this year (2014) I was dating someone who was not truly into me. I was blind sided when he broke it off suddenly.


After that incident I approached Michelle for some advice and she worked through those issues with me. I managed to with her questioning and her thought process to come to the conclusion this wasn’t right for me.


Michelle is very perceptive and not penny pinching. She is ever ready to give advice and she truly is able to see my strengths and weaknesses in this.


My apprehension turned to gratitude when I realized that practice makes perfect. In less than 2 weeks I can say I see a positive difference in how guys treat me after following the rules very closely and stop letting small things affect me.


I believe I’m on my way to finding the right one!


I highly recommend Michelle!! My money well spent indeed!

Ms V